A pseudo-formation mainly working with 3d based lo-fi videos preferably about self/deconstruction/negation of the body and ethics. Currently in Brussels

Veronika is originally a fine artist but with a definite interdisciplinary interest. After several years spent on working with ready-made like sculptures she turned to moving images and now mainly works with 3D based animations, or rather, simulations since 2013.

In that year, she also made a seemingly small or ridiculous but important decision: she created a Russian persona called Vera Nimova to react to a socio-political and cultural pressure she experienced at that time in Hungary.

Using narrative storytelling with 3D graphics slowly became a project-based art practice under the name Vera Nimova, and, the identity-usage(exploitation) became a method and now it’s called Nimova Projeckt.

If it’s true that to divide – artificially – storytelling from personal life is a paradox, she aims to understand its reasons and functioning. In this case she has a preference to any topic/question/confusion connected to the relation between contemporary identity and it’s surrounding – and examine it through melting/hiding different psychoanalytical and theoretical approaches into the artworks, mixed with the usage of grotesque or absurd.