Video installation as a part of In Watermelon Sugar at POPPOSITIONS 2018 in former Atelier Coppens, Brussels between 18th April – 22th April, 2018

Watch Lab_Scene---»
CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO WATCH — LAB_scene: 3D animation, loop, 08:33 minutes long
Watch Earth_Scene---»
CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO WATCH — Balloon_scene: 3D animation, loop, 08:33 minutes long



…from 1) the controlled and continous suction of Earth in a
suspicious urine-like liquid;
2) through a represented but not transparent
transformation process: oil into gold; and finally 3) as a
manifestation/realization as a pure culinary delight; golden
french fries arranged to create a word ‘ANARCHY’ on a
white porcelain plate, followed by a short expression:
Eating the fruit of this process can be understood as a
modest ceremony of a constant self-destruction and we
see only the set-up  – already without human.