In Need of…

an exhibition across three venues in three districts of Brussels
showcasing works about things all of us need by

Eike Berg, Marianne Csáky, Grace Ndiritu, Philip Pocock, Veronika Romhány, Gigi Scaria, Eszter Szabó, Eric VanUytven, Dome Wood, Tamás Waliczky



A stunningly strong and independent personality emerges
from the interview with Viola, a woman born in Hungary, living
and working in Brussels. A truly heroic character, she tells a
series of interrelated stories that are hard to believe, yet, all
Viola is an exceptional human being, with strict and clear
morals. An inexhaustible fountain of energy, day by day she
cleans people’s homes, invents order in their chaos, helps
them maintain a high quality of life, and thereby she maintains
her own quality of life.. Cleaning, tidying up is a kind of
intervention in those microenvironments, for the comfort and
happiness of others – and her own.


The artwork presenting Viola is a two-channel video: one is
the audio visualization of the artist’s interview with her, while
the other is a collage of amateur shots of the endless
reconstructions in Brussels in summertime, mixed with a 3D
simulation of an room hit by turbulence.