/NERO/ installation, Horizont Gallery: 2017

“Method, History, Individual.

• An occupation, at the bottom or on the top of the social ranks
• determines a destiny (?)
• therefore a predictable way of being for a person who fills it
• and with strict peculiarity of privacy
• Structures of a defined family
• as in some cases
• structures of an institution created by the motions of history
• make it possible – in theory at least –
• for him to be able to foresee
• this stated way of his existence
• This destiny (?)
• which is (obviously?) going to be some sort of neurosis (for every child) growing up in a given environment”

/arbitrary highlights from Method, History, Individual. Selection of J-P. Sarte philosophical writings. Gondolat, Budapest, 1976. 289-290. p/

Horizont Gallery,

05.10 2017 – 06.07 2017